When you go about creating your very own motor yacht for you, your family and guests to enjoy, you put a lot into it. Timesheets aren’t your main focus. You just know it is going to be good, and every step along the way that’s what you focus on. It’s what drives you, gets you up in the morning, and even makes you ride your bike to work in the cold, rather than just hop in the car.
So when you’re a 30-year Master Shipwright, you know how to plan well, select the best people and materials, and you and your team then craft that special something – that later in life child, if you like. It takes time, but you know and believe in yourself, your team and your craft. After all, it is also your money going into it, so there’ll be no shortcuts, and going back to do it over again to get it right is not an option. It’s 100% effort and accuracy all of the time, or not at all.
No. You didn’t get here by following. You got here by doing it your way, and building an enviable reputation that is so good, even other boat manufacturers have you create parts for them. Some simply shout about what they’re doing. Others just get on with the job…